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Frank Bird Poultry
Frank Bird Poultry
Frank Bird Poultry
Frank Bird Poultry
Frank Bird Poultry
Frank Bird Poultry


Established during the 1950's by Frank Bird in Langwathby Cumbria, Frank raised, processed and delivered chicken across the north of England. As the demand for his chicken grew so did the business and his family, Frank’s sons Paul and Mark both took a keen interest in the business with Paul working on the sales side and Mark working on the farm side, Frank Bird Poultry became one of the leading names in wholesale poultry market.


Still based in Langwathby, the company has an ongoing programme of continual investment in processing and infrastructure that has delivered greater efficiencies in the business. This in turn allows the company to maintain it's high standards. The company is BRC and Red Tractor approved with all Halal products being certified by Halal Consultations Limited.


To ensure continuity of supply the company has six poultry farms of its own all based in Cumbria as well as independent growers which are located in Cumbria, North Yorkshire and the Borders, all rearing birds are of the highest standard to meet the demands of the market.


Delivered overnight by our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles, we endeavour to ensure our customer get the freshest of products. We can offer daily deliveries to most parts of the UK. Frank Bird’s chickens are known nationwide for their supreme quality and shelf-life.


With a staff of over 200 employees working on providing top quality care to all our live birds to the carefull processing and producing of a product fit for any Sunday table, Frank Bird Poultry will remain a leading name in the industry.

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